November Workday

Not only did Nebraska win the game today, but we also co-hosted an FTC workday for teams in Nebraska.

Today we co-hosted a workday in Humphrey.  We had a total of 9 teams attend the workday.  Throughout the day we talked with other teams that attended.  We also presented a few different presentations we created about the notebook, business plan, and FTCHelp.  Later in the day, we went through creating a program to identify the order of the gold and silver materials.

Notebook Presentation: 

We presented different tips about your notebook along with what you should think about when writing notes to make them detailed and how important it is to read over the rules of the notebook.  We also gave each team a notebook with a list of how you can make your notes more detailed.

Business Plan Presentation:

We presented different information and requirements regarding the business plan you should create.  We mentioned some tips along with things we have done in the past.

Object Recognition:

We ran through how to create a program to identify the order of the silver and gold materials.  We also explained what each line of code did for the program.  You can find the code we went through here.

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