Wheeler County FLL Camp

FLL camps are a great way to reach out to kids to get them interested and excited about STEM.  We try to go to as many places as we can to share our knowledge of FLL robot building, programming, notebook, and core values.

Our first FLL camp this year is located in Bartlett Nebraska.  Today marks the first day of the two-day camp.  The students pair up and build their robot. After they are finished, we run through some FLL programming.  That programming includes some sensor usage (color sensor, touch sensor, and the gyro sensor).  The day is also filled with some core values activities, building tips, and some information about the FLL robotics program.  Then, at the end of the day, they are set free to complete some missions on the past year FLL table.  They choose some missions to do and start programming.  This is their opportunity to ask us any more questions they have and to show off what they have learned.  They work on their runs into the following day.  At the end of the second day, we have a scrimmage where each pair can run their missions to show what they have accomplished within the time they are given (the end of the first day and the second day).


Be sure to check out our Events page to see some pictures from past camps and to see upcoming camps our team is teaching.

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